Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Absurd Ad

Big weight is big business - I mean losing it is! So we see ads like this everywhere. Just Rs. 990/- per week ... or your money back, of course. (And I have to say I am happy to see them say 'lose' weight, not "loose" weight, which is also sometimes advertised!)

They assure you that all you have to do is eat their "superfoods" and weight-loss is guaranteed, no matter your physical/metabolic condition. Proof: testimonials from various satisfied clients such as Ms. Uma (38 years):

Last I looked, the thyroid gland is essential for humans. But assuming some people think that its only function is to keep one from losing weight, the advertisers tell us: Despair not, dear dieters-to-be. Let not your thyroid deter you from enrolling in this program where you either keep your kgs and your rupees or lose both!

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