Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Absurd Ad

Big weight is big business - I mean losing it is! So we see ads like this everywhere. Just Rs. 990/- per week ... or your money back, of course. (And I have to say I am happy to see them say 'lose' weight, not "loose" weight, which is also sometimes advertised!)

They assure you that all you have to do is eat their "superfoods" and weight-loss is guaranteed, no matter your physical/metabolic condition. Proof: testimonials from various satisfied clients such as Ms. Uma (38 years):

Last I looked, the thyroid gland is essential for humans. But assuming some people think that its only function is to keep one from losing weight, the advertisers tell us: Despair not, dear dieters-to-be. Let not your thyroid deter you from enrolling in this program where you either keep your kgs and your rupees or lose both!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ridiculous tag-line

By Vidya Jonnalagadda

Near the underpass to Rail Nilayam in Secunderabad, I saw this hoarding - "Because books never come with a shut down button" as a reason to send your child to a particular school. What does this mean? That other schools do not use books? Or that students in this school keep reading 24/7 because there is no option to "shut down" the books?

Adding to the ridiculousness of this tagline is the second USP of this school - "Digital Classrooms" (which would definitely have 'shut down' buttons; by the way, the USP is "Sprawling Campus", not spacious classrooms and labs). Now, would you not expect the USP to be something like "Huge Library" to boast that this particular school has an unusually large collection of books, given their claim about non-stop reading?

Really, who comes up with such tag-lines?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Distinctive Rooftop

By Vidya Jonnalagadda

Seen from the Seetaphalmandi flyover ... a car-shaped water tank!